What Scotland’s White Paper means for people with disabilities

On Tuesday 26th November the Scottish Government published its White Paper on Scottish Independence called Scotland’s Future – A Guide.

It looks at lots of issues across Scotland and many of these issues will benefit people with disabilities and their families even though they are not menitioned directly.  For example many families with disabled children will benefit from the extra childcare on offer as both parents will be able to go out to work and the families will be better off.

The main policy statements that affect people with disabilities directly are

An end to the welfare reform changes.  The paper suggests that by 2016, the government’s move of people to Universal Credit and Personal Independence Payment will not have got very far and so it will be stopped.  People will stay on existing benefits such as DLA until a new reformed welfare system is introduced.  Presumably people who have been transferred to PIP will stay on that as well although the white paper is not clear on this.

The system of medical review of people with disabilities will be urgently reviewed.

The integration of health and social care will continue.

There will be a continuing role for voluntary organisations in the development of civic Scotland.

Spending on people with disabilities will be prioritised

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