What People said

Asking what people thought
As part of our preparation for the review of the Same As You we went out to speak to over 150 people with learning disabilities from all over Scotland. This was not a representative sample as we did not control for different aspects but it did give us a wide range of comments from people on what they thought about the changes in their lives and how they looked forward to the future. We have put some of the quotes that people gave us at in boxes at different points.

Where people lived.
Many people’s lives had changed over the last ten years. Many had moved on to supported accommodation. There were more people living on their own than had been and many had moved on from living with parents or in care home.
There was a large group who still lived at home with their parents and had been doing so ten years ago. This group of people were very happy with this situation and while some had thought about moving on, neither they nor their parents were in a hurry to do this.

Living in Supported Accommodation.
We asked the people living in supported accommodation more about what they did during the day and in the evenings.
We wanted to understand how this support had shaped their lives.
People had a range of activities that they did both during the day and in their spare time.


Only a small part of the group indicated that they were unhappy with what they did during the day. Most of these people were resident in Glasgow and had recently lost access to day services as part of the review of services there. There was some indication from staff that this was being addressed.
Overall the people indicated that were happy with what they did and were happy with the choices in their lives.
We asked this group what they could change if they could only change one thing in their life.
• About half of the people would have changed as aspect of their support or living circumstances, to get more help to manage on less support or to live on their own.
• Just under a third would have been more part of their communities by having a job or having more friends.
• And a small group would have liked to transform their lives by having a partner.

We also asked people what was their biggest worry

• The death of someone close to them, mainly parents or other family members came highest
• Next was the support they needed to live
• A significant group of people indicated that they weren’t really worried about anything.

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