What difference will this election make for people with learning disabilities?

Ivan Cohen and John Booker went up to the Scottish Parliament to interview three leading politicians to find out what difference this election will make for people with learning disabilities.  Each politician was given 2 minutes to make their case.    A short video is available on our website but here are some of the policy highlights.

Mary Scanlon MSP for the Conservatives said

  • We want more resources for people with special needs.
  • We would want more investment in Further Education to help people with learning disabilities.
  • We need to make sure people with learning disabilities get the right help and support to get into work
  • We support welfare reform but many people with learning disabilities will get more help as the reviews show they need more help than they got in the past.

Stewart Hosie MP for the SNP said

  • We are committed to people with learning disabilities having active equal lives.
  • The Scottish Government passed the Self Directed Support which helps people live full and independent lives
  • The UK Government should  stop the roll out of the Personal Independence Payment
  • We are working with the NHS, Cosla and charities to help people badly affected by welfare reform and will put as much money as we can into helping them

Jim Murphy MP for Scottish Labour said

  • We’ll ban zero hour contracts and introduce an £8 an hour minimum wage
  • We’ll also keep the Disability Employment Advisers to make it easier to get into work in the first place.
  • We’ll make sure that Disability Hate Crime becomes a specific offence
  • We will involve people with disabilities in reviewing the Work Capability Assessment  and  clear the backlog of people waiting for Personal Independence Payment

You can get lots more information about the General Election on our website such as Easy Read manifestos and  the very popular “The People Speak” video showing what people with learning disabilities think about the General Election and who they are going to vote for.

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