Two more day centres in Glasgow to shut

On Thursday 22nd of January, the Executive Committee of Glasgow Council decided to close another two day centres, Southbrae and the Wedge. The council say that only 21 people still use Southbrae and 15 the Wedge and most of them are not full time. This comes less than 12 months after the last round of closures took place and the council says that many people who are getting budgets are choosing to spend them eleswehere and now they have no choice but to close the centres.

Do you still use one of these two centres, Southbrae or the Wedge? If so what do you think? Do you want to move to another centre or move elsewhere altogether? Or do you want to stay?

If you have stopped using one of these centres or any other one including those that closed could you tell me what you are doing instead? Did you choose that because that was what you wanted or was it what you could afford with your new budget?

Let us know what you think?  All replies will be treated confidentially.


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