Take Action on care in Edinburgh

On Thursday 30th April Edinburgh Council will be discussing the need for more help for those people applying for Direct Payments.  Come help us lobby the council.   Councillor Ewan Aitken has put up a motion to the Full Council.

Council notes the conference “Who gets to Choose” held on 15th April in the City Chambers and agrees to receive the report from the day

Council further notes the concerns raised by many participants about how services for people with complex needs are to be delivered in the future

Council agrees for a cross party group, led by the Convener of Health, Social Care and Housing committee to meet with conference participants to discuss their concerns.

With lots of services being tendered right now, many more people are applying for Direct Payments as a way of making sure they have the choice of the services that matter to them.  Edinburgh Council has yet to decide how they will support these people to get the payments that are their right and to make sure that they can have a real choice in which services they want.

Meet at 9.30am on Thursday 30th April at the City Chambers

You can tell the council what you think

You can show your support for other people

You can let the council see what you feel.

You can ask the council for a “delegation” from your group.  A delegation is permission for 2 or 3 people to speak to the council.  You can also join the Learning Disability Alliance Scotland

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