SNP Manifesto published

The Scottish National Party published its manifesto today.  Here is our Easy Read version of the Scottish National Party manifesto.    We have highlighted 12 points that we think will matter to people with learning disabilities around Scotland.  Of course, many of the other issues in the manifesto will also be important but we have had to exclude some things to make it short and readable.  If there are particular issues you would like to know about or to be put into Easy Read, then please let us know and we will make the information available.

The Scottish Labour Party Manifesto is to be published next week and we will circulate a similar version as this at the time.

We have also tried to track down Easy Read versions of the full manifesto produced by the parties themselves but so far we have only managed to find the Green Party Version  We are clear that “Plain Text” and “Large Text” are not the same as Easy Read although some parties may not be clear about the distinction.

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