Scottish Government to introduce new national guidelines on child restraint in Scottish schools

After years of campaigning the Kingspark families have won a commitment from the Scottish Government that the new guidance, ‘Included, Engaged and Involved” will specifically refer to children and young people with complex additional support needs.

It will make clear that children and young people with disabilities have additional legal protection provided by equality legislation

There will be the inclusion of a section on the promotion of Positive Behaviour and the development of a whole school ethos. This would help in itself to minimise the use of restraint by helping to focus on the needs of each individual child.

The guidance might be also be renamed so that it did not primarily focus on exclusion but more on positive behaviour. This will help steer teaching and support staff in the right direction.

Beth Morrison, the lead signatory of petition said “It has been a long fight and I’m absolutely delighted the campaign has been successful. I’ve been told a draft of the guidelines will be drawn up next month and I’ll have the chance to have a look at it before things are made final.”

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