Our Self Directed Support Survey

in December we said in 11 councils people were getting less Direct Payments  after the Act came in than they had before.  New figures including the take up of other options were published in July 2016 and show that both Falkirk and Inverclyde actually did better than that getting more people into SDS packages than the previous year.   But the 8 of others were still doing worse than the year before SDS was introduced.

Glasgow has been undergoing its Personalisation process since 2009 and says that over 1700 people are now getting Option 2.  We think this shows a problem with just using numbers to explore SDS.   Glasgow worked out the cost of service for these people, then transferred that money to their existing social care provider in their name and declared that was their equivalent to Option 2.

After our earlier article Social Work Scotland wrote to us to complain that we were being unfair.   They said that SDS must be about more than just how many people make the choice, it must be about the outcomes people get.  We agree.  It’s a shame that councils’ don’t publish any information on the outcomes that people get from SDS.

As a result, the Learning Disability Alliance Scotland has decided to carry out its annual survey on the experience of people with learning disabilities with SDS.   We also welcome the views of family and paid carers.  You can be one of the first to complete our survey here.

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