Our New Third Party Reporting Centre map

Hate Crime—Still A Problem

LDAS is taking part in a working group along with Police Scotland a number of other voluntary organisations and users groups that looks at Hate Crime against people with learning disabilities.

Some useful initiatives include the Safe Places system which signs up local shops to provide a place for people being bullied to go and wait safely till the threat has passed.

Others include new training and response information for Police Officers on the beat designed by Cornerstone.

3rd party reporting is another  initiative that has been going for some time.  While Police Scotland have taken big steps to become more approachable, some people are still wary about going to them directly.  They worry that they might not be able to explain themselves and may get into trouble over other matters.  Voluntary organisations and other services offer help to people from different minority groups to tell their story to a sympathetic ear and then to inform the police in a safe and secure way.

We have put a map of almost 300 3rd party reporting centres on our website to help people find a safe, local place to tell the police  about hate crime. You can see the map by clicking here 

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