New Scottish Independent Living Fund Announced

Nicola Sturgeon told the SNP spring conference in Aberdeen on Saturday that the Scottish Government would set up new fund to help disabled people, to take the place of the Independent Living Fund, which she said was being closed by the UK Government.

The Scottish Independent Living Fund will support more than 3,000 disabled people, and a £5.5 million investment will mean it will be open to new claimants, as well as those who benefit from the existing scheme. The new fund will be managed by the third sector.

The UK Government’s support scheme has been closed to new applicants since 2010 and is due to close altogether in June 2015.

The Scottish Government’s version of the fund will come into effect in July that year, subject to the full allocation of funding being devolved.

We will be interested in clarification on how people can be referred to the new fund. The official press release says that referral will be by local authority social worker. Given that people may need to have a qualifying level of existing services before they can apply then this may not be a problem but there is a worry that giving the keys to yet another gate to local authorities may lead to consequences that no one expects.

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