More people with learning disabilities get help to work

Record numbers of people with learning disabilities and mental health conditions are being helped into work by the Access to Work scheme.

New figures from the Department for Work and Pensions show more than 2,000 people with a learning disability were helped by the initiative in the year to 31 March 2015 with more new awards than ever before. The number of people with mental health conditions using the scheme – which includes the recently-established Mental Health Support Service in Access to Work – has continued to rise and now stands at more than 1,600.

Users can receive help with travel to work as well as access to support workers and specialist adaptations to help overcome the challenges they face in the workplace. Their employers will receive financial support with the extra costs associated with employing a disabled person beyond reasonable adjustments expected under the law.

Access to Work is a demand led scheme, and the increase in users with a learning disability or mental health condition comes as the overall number of disabled people using the scheme to find or stay in work reaches a 5-year high. In 2014/15 growth continued for the third consecutive year with an additional 1,200 more people supported, taking the total to 36,760.

Since April 2007, Access to Work has helped nearly 124,000 disabled people into employment. Changes to the scheme announced in March this year introduced personal budgets for those who want them as well as enhancing support for disabled people who wish to start their own businesses.

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