LDAS Survey – Loneliness and Isolation

Every year the Learning Disability Alliance Scotland conducts a survey into an issue of concern for members of Scotland’s learning disabled community.

This year the survey focuses on the issues around ‘Isolation and Loneliness’, conditions with severe mental and physical health consequences.

We know that disability of any kind can often be a factor in cutting people and their families off from others in their communities or prevent them from engaging in their local communities.

Living with a learning disability can also be difficult at transition points in life and cause people to become isolated or lonely during these times.

The purpose of our survey is to gather information and experiences from people across Scotland on these issues to help identify the extent of the problem and find the most effective solutions.

You can take part in our survey on this website or contact LDAS for an easy red copy or to arrange a survey workshop by emailing: office@ldascotland.org

This survey has now closed.

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