It Kept Going Wrong

They tried to help me daughter with a pre visit.   But in the end this made no difference.

She was put in a unit where there was a clown entertaining the other patients.  She is frightened of clowns.  The nurses had been told noise is an issue but nothing was done about the clown.

I asked if she could be taken down stairs as she kept asking for tea which would have helped to settle her.  I was told “No.  There is no more tea being done till next morning.”   I had been told she could drink up till 8 o’clock but they still told me “No as she could get burnt”.  I told them her tea is usually 90% milk and I had a spouted cup and I would supervise her at all times.  They still refused.

She normally has her medicine at 8.30 and I asked if she could have hers first as this would calm her and get her to sleep.  However the nurses started drugs at opposite end of ward.  It was 10.30 before she finally got her meds.  By this time she was in a state and I was asked if I could calm her down as other patients needed sleep.   But she was in a four bed unit with only one other patient.  At the same time the next unit had only just had TVs and lights turned off.  Anyway my daughter was awake all night.

Next day after her operation she was put in single room where we were forgot about.   I eventually had to ask a nurse if she could sit with her so I could get to the toilet and have something to drink as I had nothing since I arrived the night before.  I had to wait an hour.   In the event I was out of the ward for only 15 mins as the canteen was closed and all I managed to get was a cold drink.

On my return to the room my daughter was hanging out of bed as she tried to get out but got stuck because of the drips and the sling her leg was in.  There was no nurse anywhere despite the alarm going off.    When the consultant came, I asked to be sent home as we were both stressed and the stay was making matters worse.  But they kept us two more days until she was off morphine before agreeing to let us home.

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