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Community Care Magazine have suggested that there are 10 ways local authorities are planning to make savings in adult social care over the next financial year.

They checked local council plans all over England and found evidence for each.  Read the original article here.   We think there might be similar things going on in Scotland.  Why don’t you This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your examples.

    1. Reducing care and cutting personal budgets

    2. Delegating budget management to frontline staff

    3. Increasing charges for social care

    4. Cutting the hours of care people receive

    5. Reablement

    6. Replacing home visits with telecare

    7. Changes to the assessment process such as reviews over the phone

    8. Squeezing providers  by renegotiating contracts

    9. Cutting back on mental health support


   10. Reducing ‘double-up’ homecare by use of new technology