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24 Oct 2017
Dundee Stronger Together



South Ayrshire Council has become the first Council in Scotland to adopt the Charter for Involvement.

The charter was put together by the National Involvement Network (NIN) and shows how people who use support services want to be involved in their services, with their service organisations and with the wider community. 

It will be used as a guide for Council staff to tell them what is ‘good practice’ when it comes to health and to social care.

It will also be used by the Integrated Joint Board that looks after health and social care needs in South Ayrshire.

NIN say the Charter is one of a kind because it has been written by people who use services to help services providers do their job better and that will help everyone.

What this means for people with learning disabilities who live in South Ayrshire is that the Council has made a promise to work together with them to help meet their needs and make an action together for better services in the future.

Councillor Rita Miller from South Ayrshire Council said the Council will use the Charter to make sure people with learning disabilities are “listened to and respected.”