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24 Oct 2017
Dundee Stronger Together

Significant worries were raised in Perth and Kinross recently when the local council announced a plan to consider care homes for everyone who Individual Budget came to 10% more than the cost of a care home place.  This arose out a plan to transform social care services.  But rather than improve things this ran the risk of taking things back to the last century.   

The consultation process for this measure was wholly inappropriate and inadequate. The timescales given to family carers who lead incredibly busy and stressful caring roles were totally unrealistic. A letter was written on the 8th August 2016 and by the time the families received it there was less than 3 weeks to respond. The closing date was the 31st August 2016.  

This type of proposal goes against all national government policies and legislation. It fundamentally breaches the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities supported within The Scottish Government’s Draft Delivery Plan 2016-2020. It is totally discriminatory and has placed huge stress on family carers who are supporting their family member to lead a valued and included life within their community.

Fortunately in the last week, Perth and Kinross have agreed to put things on hold and make no changes until there is much wider consultation.  The council said 

“we accept our initial consultation process has raised concerns and therefore we are going to take much more time to discuss and consider all the options from stakeholders ... we will shortly be communicating how and when we are going to undertake the work.”  

Unfortunately this does not mean the proposal has gone away for good and disabled people and their families will have to keep aware about this.