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08 Oct 2015
Ayrshire Stronger Together

Our July newsletter has just been published.  You can download a hard copy of it by clicking here or you can listen to a copy of it by clicking it here or you can right click to download and listen later.   

Each of the articles are available on line if you want to read them that way.  

The lead article is the fact that people from black and minority ethnic projects lose out in getting access to services.   Research shows that a much smaller proportion f the BME community access support and services than do white Scottish people.  A recent project has shown how some of this problem can be solved. 

 Our second article is on the legacy of the Commonwealth Games which started this week.  While we wish it well and many of our members have taken part in the baton relay or are currently volunteering at the Games, there are real concerns that there will be little long term benefit for disabled people.  

Health and Social Care Integration are the feature of our third article.  This is the latest buzz in social work.  But will it lead to more than just a few more well paid jobs for the boys (and girls) who will run the process.  We express some concerns.  


We really pleased to be able to announce copies of two new Easy Read documents on the arguments for and against Independence.  These will help people with learning disabilities make up their mind about what they would like to do in the referendum on September 18th

The first is from the Better Together campaign and summarises the reasons why Scotland should stick together with the rest of the UK.

The second is from the Scottish Government and summarises the White Paper on Scotland. 

Tim Harris, runs a restaurant in Alberquerque in New Mexico.   Tim also has Down's Syndrome. 

His family has always worked in business and were looking for a way for Tim to succeed – just like his brothers.

During high school, Tim worked as a host at a Red Robin restaurant in Albuquerque.  During this time, Tim learned a lot about welcoming guests at a restaurant and developed a loyal following of customers.

After observing the effect Tim had on Red Robin restaurant and its customers, an idea emerged regarding Tim owning his own restaurant. In May of 2010, a lease was signed for a facility in Albuquerque and a construction company was hired for tenant improvements. In June of 2010, Mr. Daniel Meeker joined the staff of Tim’s Place as General Manager.

Tim's Place is very popular and next time you are in New Mexico you should visit. 

You can see a video about Tim here.  

You can find out more about his restaurant here. 



Please note that all our videos are hosted on You Tube.  Problems have been reported with their subtitling system that can mean rude words sometimes appear.  We apologise for this and recommend that you do not use the You Tube subtitle service.  If you do so it will be at your own risk.