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24 Oct 2017
Dundee Stronger Together

Angela Bachiller is  the first person with Downs Syndrome to be elected as a local councillor or Partido Popular in Valladolid, Spain.She was sworn into office on Monday 29th July 2013.

The First Downs Syndrome Councillor in Spain

 The following is an interview with Angela, shortly after her election 

Angela, do you feel proud to have entered the lists of a party?

Yes I liked it during the campaign and I had a fine time. I am thrilled that they have elected me. The mayor said it was an example of effort and improvement ... I was shocked when they told me I was elected as part of the lists. 

Do you like politics?


So ... why did you decide to take this step?

To help people realize that people with disabilities can with everything, we have a lot of willpower.


This step has been an unforgettable experience, would you recommend it to other people with intellectual disabilities? 
Of course. They can do it to. 

What do you think you can bring to the party? 
What I think is that everyone has to work more on the issues for people with disabilities, such as employment.  

What do you think can be improved in your city for people with disabilities? 
Being more and more listened to . We could further improve the accessibility of places like museums, transport ... also organize more activities for us in the field of leisure and sport. 

How do you think we could be changing society? 

- Do you think your election will set a precedent and will Valladolid be the first council with a councillor with Downs Syndrome but not the last? 


I hope and wish that we can.  We have much to contribute, but it is very difficult and complicated.