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If you want to know more about what the Learning Disability Alliance Scotland does then have a look at our annual review 2014.  Our Annual Review

On the 29th of October over 100 people with learning disabilities from all over Scotland came together to celebrate 25 years of hard work and great campaigning by People First Scotland. 

 Steve Robertson, Keith Lynch and Monica Hunter all spoke about the good work that had been done but they all made the point that much more had to be done  There was still much that needed to done so people good live good lives and not be picked on by other people. 

David said People First had helped him be more confident and he had gone on to be the chair of another organisation.

Fiona said that she had learned a lot and become good at public speaking. 

From all your friends at the Learning Disability Alliance Scotland, we say Good Luck for the next 25 years.  

A More Socially Just Country”   


 The Learning Disability Alliance Scotland is a user led group that works with people with learning disabilities from all over the country.  In the run up to the referendum, we held 52 workshops involving over 700 people with learning disabilities looking at the issues that were being raised and helping people understand what the decision might mean for them.

 Since the referendum we have held 5 focus groups with 64 people with learning disabilities and their carers to talk about what the referendum meant for them and what more powers. if any, they would like for Scotland. 

Key Messages

There were 2 consistent messages that came across from all the groups.

1.       The new powers that are being suggested are a chance to put the means for delivering social justice into the hands of the people of Scotland. 

2.       This is an opportunity to reach a good settlement that can bring together everyone in Scotland whether they voted Yes or No.

We are pleased to announce the publication of our latest newsletter dated October 2014.    You can listen to it online here

You can read the articles online by clicking on the following links

Article One - This looks at the wider implications of the closure of an Edinburgh service for young adults with special needs.  Issues such as Policy Rush, Cherry Picking and Give Back are looked at. Read it here.

Article Two - This is part of our long running campaign for the ending of care charges.  We reveal that 23 councils in Scotland charge people in poverty, making their living situations intolerable. Read it here.

The Learning Disability Alliance Scotland is pleased to announce its major new conference on the crisis that many people with learning disabilities are experiencing in care, support and managing the cost of living.   We would be grateful if you could share this information with members and service users that you know so they can make the choice to come to the conference.

The day is a chance for people with learning disabilities and their families to look at the challenges in their lives that is making life hard.   From changes to eligibility criteria to get social care to the rise in charges for getting support and help, we will look at the different things that make life difficult.   We will look for what we can do to find some answers to these challenges

 The conference will be mostly for people with learning disabilities from all over Scotland.  There will be some carers and parents of people with more profound disabilities there too.     We will also be inviting a small number of politicians, officials and professional staff so they can hear more about what people are saying and can help us in finding some solutions.