We have had over 300 responses to the survey on the experience of people with learning disabilities with health services.   Most have been from people with learning disabilities and we have people replying from all over Scotland.

Most people have been happy with their experience of health services.   This has applied to all 3 services that we asked about Doctors – Hospitals – NHS 24.

They helped with my needs

I feel I got a good experience in hospital

The doctors are very good to me. I usually don’t have to wait very long to see a doctor

People have reported that Doctors have been respectful and listened to them.  Staff in hospital have been nice and looked after them.    NHS 24 has responded quickly and helped people in need.    Read the full report here

Some problems were reported. 

Some Doctors didn’t listen to what people with learning disabilities had to say.  Some people find it hard to express what they are feeling and what is wrong with them and in these cases, the doctors may jump to conclusions.

Doctors lack time to talk to me

Doctor surgery have tried to help me but hospital don’t seem to be interested

A nurse didn’t ask me but asked a stranger if I had a period. I asked for females but they still put on male staff

Some doctors use big words that are hard for people to understand and can speak to support staff even when they are present.

Doctors using long words or jargon.

Poor communication and long waiting times.

Being kept waiting for appointments was a big problem for many people.  It was hard to get regular appointments.

Appointments sometimes run late

Waiting time when there for appointments

I had to wait an awful long time, they had lost my referral.

There were mixed views of the use of Health Passports in hospitals.  Some people had found them really helpful but some said staff never used them.

My dentist, optician, and GP do not ask and have not asked to see my health passport. I don’t think they know about them

My  GP does not ask to see my health passport which will help them to help me

A few people found NHS 24 hard to use because of the system when you call up or because they ask so many questions when they speak to you.

It kept going wrong – read the Sidebar story


What could the Scottish Government do?

  1. Employ more nurses and doctors
  2. Provide training on the needs of people with learning disabilities
  3. Stop the cuts

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