Good Practice

LDAS is a campaigning voluntary organisation that works to increase the political voice of people with learning disabilities, their family carers and others who support them with national and local politicians. We work through helping people get together and share concerns, look at possible solutions and existing good practice and share this with politicians in local authorities and both Parliaments.
We are a user led organisation with 7 out of our 8 Board members having a learning disability.
Our aim is to help people with learning disabilities become active citizens, sharing in the running of society and be in control of their own lives. LDAS’s independence allows us to act as a principled voice that is able to identify good practice and challenge poor performance without fear or favour.
Our track record includes:
• Winning “The Herald” newspaper’s Campaign of the Year for our work in helping people with learning disabilities in Edinburgh campaign. We subjected Edinburgh Council to a great deal of scrutiny when they proposed to change the services of hundreds of people with learning disabilities without consultation. We involved people with learning disabilities in a range of political and campaigning activities and the council eventually backed down. As a result there have been changes on a national scale in the method of social care procurement that ensures the people affected are consulted effectively.
• Helping people with learning disabilities in Argyll & Bute and Western Isles protect their Local Area Coordination service when faced with Council cuts
• Running a training programme on how to campaign for over one hundred people throughout Scotland.
• Organising a People Rights Tour for over three hundred people with learning disabilities throughout the greater Glasgow area.
• Working with Older Family Carers still caring for adult sons and daughters to achieve greater recognition from the Scottish Parliament.
• Uncovering and researching the position of people with learning disabilities “stuck” in residential care homes for Older People.
• Bringing 150 self advocates together in a practical conference to network and learn campaigning skills

We are currently developing Stronger Together Groups in different parts of Scotland to support people with learning disabilities to take part in policy and social developments.
These groups have already taken the initiative in developing new forms of information on Self Directed Support, Bullying and Welfare Reform. This kind of work enables people to develop and learn new skills.

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