Edinburgh Council Doesn’t Listen

In a surprising decision City of Edinburgh Council has refused to hear delegations from disabled organisations on the quality of care in the city.  Delegations from the Learning Disability Alliance Scotland, Powerful Partnerships, CAPS advocacy project, Arc Scotland and In Control Scotland were due to be heard  by the Full Council on Thursday 30th April.  They were due to speak in support of a motion from Cllr Ewan Aitken.

Approval for the delegations was given up to a week ago. Many carers and people with disabilities were due to attend in support and had arranged for taxis and personal support to be there in time.

At lunchtime on Wednesday 29th April  Lord Provost, George Grubb has used an obscure standing order to stop discussion on the motion tomorrow.  As a result the delegations have been told that they will not be heard.


Ian Hood, said, “The Learning Disability Alliance Scotland invited Edinburgh Council leaders to speak at their “Who Really Gets To Choose” conference on the 15th of April.  They refused to come to listen to carers and people with disabilities.  Now that we have come to speak to them, they are still refusing to listen.”

Ivan Cohen, whose support services are being tendered, said “I wanted the council to listen to us.  I applied for a Direct Payment in February but I haven’t heard anything yet.  I want to keep my existing support service and a Direct Payment will help me.”

Breda Lindsay, a parent carer said, “ My daughter has Asperger’s Syndrome.  Change is really hard for her and we have worked hard to build a good longterm relationship with her support service.  Consistency is so important. That is what I wanted to tell the council and I am disgusted that they have refused to hear us today.”

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