Defend Independent Living: Save the Independent Living Fund!

Closure of the Fund breaches the human rights of disabled people as enshrined in the United Nations Convention for the Rights of People with Disabilities:

  • – Article 19 – right to independent living
  • – Article 28 – the right to an adequate standard of living and protection

Closure of the ILF will cost jobs:

  • – Thousands of Personal Assistants employed through the ILF will lose their jobs
  • – Disabled people will not have the support they need to be part of the community and to take up training, education and employment
  • – Staff employed by the ILF will lose their jobs

The ILF is an effective and efficient way of providing support to disabled people with complex and high support needs:

  • ILF has higher satisfaction rates amongst disabled service users than LA services
  • Just 2% of funding goes on overheads (running the ILF) this is in stark contrast to the 16% of social care funding that goes on running LA social services departments.
  • ILF has the skills, knowledge and expertise to genuinelysupport disabled people with complex and high support needs, unlike LA’s.

We are calling for investment and expansion of the ILF that will provide:

  • – State protection for the rights of disabled people with complex and high support needs to be supported to live independent lives
  • – Expert independent living support based on the genuine independence, proper participation in society, and fulfillment of aspirations of disabled people.
  • – A national model of support that does not vary depending on where you live
  • – Support that is free at the point of need

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