Many councils such as Glasgow and Edinburgh have announced plans to cut their budgets in the coming financial year.  Others  such as North Ayrshire and Aberdeenshire are promising to increase the amount they take in Care Charges again!

But in Falkirk, campaigners have managed to get the council to think again about one particular cut.    Falkirk Equal People , one of the members of LDAS, meets weekly in Grangemouth to encourage members to become more independent and act as advocates for social justice and equal opportunities.

The local council supports the  group with a free let all year round, and 13 hours of support work.   However, budget proposals suggested  this help would end and the group might have to stop operating altogether.
A large public meeting was held in Grangemouth where it was said “this would be an example of an extremely short-sighted cut. If this group goes then you are going to see more people demanding support from health services and social services and this will end up costing a lot more money.”

Hundreds of signatures were collected on a petition.  A demonstration was planned outside the Council’s budget meeting along with a deputation inside.   However a few days before the council met, the group were told that plans for any cuts this year were being withdrawn.

While none of the members were resting as the cuts might re-emerge next year, this is a result the group can be proud of.

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