Care Home Plans Dropped

Readers will remember the article in our last newsletter about the proposed 20 bed care home in Glasgow.

Glasgow City Council has decided not to proceed with its controversial plan to commission a new 20 bed care home for adults with learning disabilities.

The tender process finished before Christmas and in early January senior council staff cited “technical issues out of our control” as reason for not proceeding.  We are delighted that wiser heads at the councils have prevailed and decided not to go ahead with this proposal.

Unnamed sources at the council denied that the concerns and objections raised the this policy has any effect saying “If you think your views changed any policy you couldn’t be more wrong.   But the source went on to make a comment that reflects the unease inside the council at some of its own policies—”but keep up the good fight we need campaigners like you.”

While this is a great victory, the council is still able to place individuals in care homes for older people that are much larger than the rejected 20 bed unit.

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