Care Charges go up by 5 times the rate of inflation

The Learning Disability Alliance Scotland has discovered new evidence that charges for social care are still rising at five times the rate of inflation.  New figures published by the Scottish Government earlier this week show that councils now generate almost £50 million from people living on state benefits to subsidise their statutory duties.

While the amount collected in charges has reduced in homecare, this has been more than compensated by the rise in Direct Payments and reflects a more general move of people from getting homecare organised by the council to arranging for themselves directly.

This 10% increase over the last financial year shows an accelerating increase in the amount councils take from people with disabilities from a 4% increase in 2011 and a 7% increase in 2012.

All Scotland – Income from charging Social Work Clients – all figures £000s
Year ending 2010 2011 2012 2013 Increase over
the last year
Homecare 29100 29608 26391 25009 -5.5%
Day Care 4270 4699 6054 7429 18.5%
Direct Payments 782 525 4967 10959 54.7%
Other services 6170 7739 8741 8213 -6.4%
TOTAL INCOME FROM CHARGES TO SERVICE USERS 40322 42571 46153 51610 10.6%

At a time when disabled people are being hit by cuts in services and changes to welfare benefits, its is hard to see how councils justify this.  We think this will continue to drive more and more people out of the care system who can arrange care for themselves at cheaper rates.

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