About Us


The Learning Disability Alliance Scotland works to empower  Scotland’s learning disability community by facilitating accessible politics.


The Learning Disability Alliance Scotland – also known as LDAS – gives support to people living with learning disabilities across Scotland to enable them to engage in Scotland’s political life and to campaign for improvements in Scottish society for the benefit of people with learning disabilities, their families, carers and support staff.

LDAS is supported by an Alliance of more than 40 organisations providing care, support and advocacy services to people with learning disabilities across Scotland.
We are headed by a Board of 8 people elected as office bearers from among our member organisations.

Alliance Membership

LDAS membership is open to organisations, groups and individuals who share our commitment to support people with learning disabilities, their families and carers to engage in the political process and to speak out on the issues that affect their lives on their terms.

We provide politically neutral accessible information, news, training and ongoing support for all members and their service users.