A first step

Last week, Shona Robison, the Health Secretary made an announcement of £6 million for Scottish councils as long as it was used to reduce social care charges. We understand that this money has been proposed as an anti poverty measure which will see the Income Thresholds raised in a number of councils. This is the level of basic income that people have to have before they start paying charges. The Health Secretary has suggested that 900 people will stop paying all care charges and 13,000 will pay less. A quick sum tells us that each person will be about £8.30 a week better off.

The £6 million is part of the additional £250 million that is being given to health boards to improve social care. Will it make a lot of difference? £6 million is roughly 15% of the total that councils raise in care charges so many people will still have to pay and we have already seen proposals in this year’s council budgets to raise charges even more. We do agree this is a helpful first step but it would be helpful to know where it was a first step to.

However this does indicate the political pressure that has been building up on this issue thanks to the very strong Dundee and Angus based campaign for Frank’s Law and the work of Scotland Against the Care Tax. This pressure is not going away so lets see what else develops when we see the parties’ election manifestos in April. Read the Courier article here.

However we believe the Courier article is wrong to say that those that that pay for community alarms or meals with pay less. These are non means tested items that everyone who gets them has to pay for and are not affected by raising the charges threshold.

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